Exmoor Lamb wins Gold

West Ilkerton Farm were awarded Gold for their half leg of lamb at the Taste of the West Awards

The farm near Lynmouth in Exmoor has been handed down for generations. Their aim is to blend modern knowledge with sustainable farming methods using local breeds that are suited to the area. ‘Red Ruby’ Devon cattle and Exmoor Horn sheep have been bred on the farm in an unbroken line for well over a century, so they are keen to conserve this living link with the past and hand it on to future generations.

The Taste of the West Gold Award shows that Exmoor lamb really is the best.

Half Lamb Box from West Ilkerton Farm

The lush moorland grasses of Exmoor are highly nutritious for the sheep bred and raised there and contribute to the quality of the finished lamb that is so popular with chefs and diners.

West Ilkerton Farm are currently taking orders for this season’s lamb which will be ready from September to December, to find out more visit: westilkerton.co.uk you can also view our Exmoor Lamb Map.

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