New Exmoor Rum

Exmoor Distillery have been working hard, producing one of the very few rums made from scratch in the UK.

Made in their distillery on Exmoor they ferment the highest grade molasses in their purpose built fermentation tank and then distil the fermented molasses using a combination of pot and column distillation techniques to create a high quality spirit.

The Rums come in two varieties a Silver Rum and a Spiced Rum, they are both available now to purchase from their website at:

Blackmoor Silver Rum
A traditional white rum, their Blackmoor Silver Rum is 42%ABV

A modern take on traditional methods they ferment molasses in their purpose built 2,500 Litre fermentation tank. They then distill the product using a combination of pot distillation to preserve flavour and column distillation to refine the spirit making it smooth and to the highest quality premium testing spirit.

Their Blackmoor Silver Rum is a traditional White rum and is a versatile spirit which can be used with a variety of mixers, in a premium cocktail or enjoyed neat.

Blackmoor Spiced Rum
Named after the Western gateway to Exmoor, their Blackmoor Spiced Rum is hand crafted in house and is 42%ABV.

Using their Blackmoor Silver Rum as the base they infuse the spirit with carefully selected spices that work in harmony to produce a smooth rum with plenty of flavour that can be drunk alone, with ice or with a suitable mixer. Looking as good as it tastes, the spices make for a golden hue.

Blackmoor Spiced rum has been infused with a range of carefully selected spices including Orange, Nutmeg, Cinnamon and Vanilla.

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