Are you a budding article writer or videographer, perhaps your a student studying journalism or you just want an outlet for your articles or films. We would love to showcase your talents on Edible Exmoor. Please get in touch if you would like to submit any food & drink related articles about the industry in and around Exmoor and North Devon.

The articles can be anything to do with the food and drink industry and their producers, in and around North Devon and Exmoor, so you could conduct a video interview with a specific food or drink producer, write about a political issue effecting the food & drink industry in the area, or just write a review about a particular product you may have tried.

We want Edible Exmoor to be the go to hub for food and drink producers in North Devon & Exmoor and your articles and videos will help build up a picture of the local food and drink industry.

Unfortunately we can’t offer any payment for the articles but we will publish and credit them with your name and details and also use social media to promote your articles and videos, if interested please submit your articles or videos to