A Haven for Jam Producers

The stunning landscapes of Exmoor and North Devon have long been revered for their rugged beauty, rolling hills, and awe-inspiring coastlines. However, beyond the natural marvels that grace this region, it is also gaining recognition for its thriving jam-making industry. The jam producers of Exmoor and North Devon are making significant strides in the culinary world with traditional fruit preserves as well as innovative, artisanal creations.

The fertile soil found in this part of England provides an ideal environment for cultivating a plethora of berries, fruits, and other ingredients essential for crafting tantalizing jams. Thanks to the region’s distinctive microclimate, which boasts a maritime influence and mild temperatures, a wide variety of fruits can be cultivated here—resulting in an expansive range of flavors found within these delightful jams.

One standout among the many esteemed jam producers in the area is The Selworthy Pantry. Located within Exmoor National Park, they have garnered acclaim for their remarkable assortment of jams and preserves crafted from traditional recipes using top-quality ingredients. By prioritizing locally sourced fruits whenever possible, The Selworthy Pantry delivers classic flavors like lemon curd, raspberry, and blackcurrant—all meticulously prepared to preserve the natural essence of each fruit.

It is not solely notable flavor combinations that set apart these exquisite jams from Exmoor and North Devon. Meticulous attention to quality and detail during the artisanal production process further elevates their products. Taw Valley Creamery, for instance, employs traditional cooking methods in small, meticulously monitored batches to achieve unparalleled consistency and depth of flavor in their range of fruit preserves. Through such unwavering dedication to time-honored techniques, every jar of jam from this region bursts with an authentic taste that speaks volumes about its place of origin.

Furthermore, these producers benefit from the proximity to the sea, granting them access to a remarkable ingredient—seaweed. Sam’s Jams—an esteemed producer in the area—uses locally harvested seaweed as a key component in creating distinct flavor profiles for their jams. The addition of seaweed not only contributes depth and delectable umami notes but also showcases these producers’ commitment to ethical practices and sustainable ingredient sourcing.

The jam producers of Exmoor and North Devon are wholeheartedly devoted to preserving the distinctive flavors of this region by utilizing locally sourced ingredients and honoring traditional production methods. This deep-rooted commitment is evident in the extraordinary range of flavors and varieties available—from timeless fruit jams to audacious combinations that push the boundaries of conventional preserves.

As the popularity of these exceptional jams continues to skyrocket, Exmoor and North Devon solidify their status as a beacon for jam producers. Whether you possess an affinity for classic fruit preserves or are an adventurous foodie yearning for new taste experiences, embarking on a journey through this picturesque region promises an astonishing array of flavors—with each jar of jam serving as a testament to the land it hails from.

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