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    We are Peter & Samantha Boyles, owners of a traditional organic hill farm on the western edge of Exmoor.

    Peter’s parents farmed here, raising their children in to the tradition of free-range farming. Now their passion is ours, and our children are growing into farming in just the same way.

    We believe in high standards of animal welfare and best environmental practices to produce top quality food. Our meat comes from animals born on the farm, free to range the grassy fields and hills, and we feel the care and efforts of our farming are reflected in the taste of the meat.

    The cattle and sheep we free-range farm are slow growers; they take time to mature, to lay down the fat layers that give their meat its wonderful marbled texture and fuller flavour.

    Our cattle are pedigree Devon Red Rubies, famed for their docile nature and excellent beef. Our sheep are pedigree Devon Closewools. Each of our stocks thrive here in their native Exmoor environment.

    As well as being organic, our farm is also in the Higher Level Stewardship scheme which means we operate to the highest environmental standards.

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